martedì 21 luglio 2009

And it is done...

So after 10 days spent together all of us are at home... tired but happy, right?
There was rafting, canoeing, too many mosquitos and so much good time with great people... Some photos of these great people are below! And remember - always grow with the flow!

venerdì 3 luglio 2009

The exchange is coming soon...

All of us will meet just in one week! How exciting it is, isn´t it? Get ready for the exchange and don´t forget to take things written down in the list you received. Get to know the final version of your activity plan for our 10 days we will spend together. You have to clik on the image to make it bigger in the separate window to see it better. Do you like it?

lunedì 8 giugno 2009

Leaders on camp

Made in Japan

Working hard on an hardcore exchange

lunedì 18 maggio 2009

Villa Arconati APV

Oriental european


Eating in Villa Arconati

Marta taking picture

domenica 17 maggio 2009

Looking for our logo

There is no good youth exchange without good logo and it is high time to look for the logo for our exchange. As not all of us are tallented in multimedia, we asked some of our friends to help us with creating the logo of "Grow with the flow". There are planty of ideas and all of them are very interesting... but we have to decide something... We found out that having an owl in the logo is nice and very connected to the place we are going to stay in... What do you think about them? Any other ideas?

venerdì 15 maggio 2009

First visit on Motta Visconti!

“Grow with the flow” is going to be sooner than later now! The Advance Planning Visit has just finished and all of us who were there are the homes now. It is quite far from Italy and future camping but it doesn’t change the thing that the exchange is in our minds now!
Leaders from all organizations which are going to take part in the project met last weekend. I was there too and I swear that the climate of the meeting was awesome. It is a very good sign for the rest of the project! We managed to plan everything and have lot of fun!
The place we are going to stay is calm and beautiful. It is good to relax and do some sports what is already planned! Rafting, canoeing, biking, trekking, visiting some places, adventures with constructing tents…. All of these is waiting for the participants of the exchange! And even more… Night sounds of the forest ! Scary? Rather not if you have friends next to you! And I can assure you that all of us will we friends there! Just be careful with saying “hallo” to people you meet there… After ATP I can give you some useful tips for the beginning of our exchange: don’t kiss Italians in their cheeks when you say “hi” for the first time (unless they are from the south), kiss Spanish (it is obligatory), with Turkish you can try but with Polish and Bulgarians don’t even try (unless they have Latin mood). As you can see meeting of group leaders is very efficient!

Here some pictures of Advanced Planning Visit:

Follow the leaders

Peter and Alberto the second

Pretending to fish or acting in Dawson's creek?

Get ready for a great adventure in a big forest!

Marta (Polish with a bit of Latin mood)

mercoledì 13 maggio 2009

Ticino river landscape and Canoes

Ticino river in Motta Visconti, the place where the exchange will take place.

Canoes in Ondablu, the hosting organisation that will teach us how to use them.